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Unconstrained Emerging Markets Bond FundEMBUX

  • Daily Price   as of 04/20/2015

    $8.19  $0.01 / +0.1%
  • Class I Details: EMBUX

    07/09/12 1.02%/0.95%
  • Country Weightings (%) as of 03/31/15

    South Korea
    South Africa
  • Portfolio Weightings (%)
    as of 03/31/15

    Sovereign Bond 66.0
    Corporate Bond 24.1
    Quasi-Sovereign Bond 2.7
    Cash 7.2
  • Fund Details 
    as of 03/31/15

    • Net Assets (All Classes)
    • Number of Issues
    • Dividend
    • Capital Gains
    • Benchmark Index2
      GBI-EM Index

  • Fund Statistics (Class A) 
    as of 03/31/15

    Effective Duration (yrs) 9.86
    Average Yield to Worst 4.39
    Average Years to Maturity 18.59
    Distribution Yield 2.68%

    Source: Van Eck Global, FactSet.
    See Important Disclosure for more information.

  • Top Currencies (%) 
    as of 03/31/15

    U.S. Dollar 67.4
    Euro 25.4
    Cash 7.2
  • Currency Exposure (%) 
    as of 03/31/15

    Hard Currency 92.8
    Cash 7.2
  • Credit Quality Breakdown (%) as of 03/31/15

    Composite Rating
    AAA 0.0
    AA 0.0
    A 24.7
    BBB 35.8
    BB 12.0
    B 11.5
    CCC 7.2
    CC 1.6
    C 0.0
    NR 0.0
    Other 0.0
    Cash 7.2
    YEARS %

    Composite Rating is an evenly weighted blend of a security's Moody's, S&P, Fitch, and DBRS ratings. Not Rated indicates that a security is rated by fewer than two of the four rating agencies. This composite is not intended to be a credit opinion.

  • Industry Benchmarks: Know Your Indices

    • The  J.P. Morgan Government Bond Index-Emerging Markets Global Diversified (GBI-EM) tracks local currency bonds issued by Emerging Markets governments. The index spans over 15 countries. 

    • The J.P. Morgan Emerging Markets Bond Index Global Diversified (EMBI) tracks returns for actively traded external debt instruments in emerging markets, and is also J.P. Morgan’s most liquid U.S-dollar emerging markets debt benchmark.

    All indices listed are unmanaged and are not securities in which investments can be made.

  • Important Disclosure 

    Unless otherwise stated, portfolio facts and statistics are shown for Class A shares; other classes may have different characteristics. 

    NAV: Unless you are eligible for a waiver, the public offering price you pay when you buy Class A shares of the Fund is the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the shares plus an initial sales charge. The initial sales charge varies depending upon the size of your purchase.  No sales charge is imposed where Class A or Class C shares are issued to you pursuant to the automatic investment of income dividends or capital gains distribution. It is the responsibility of the financial intermediary to ensure that the investor obtains the proper “breakpoint” discount. Class C, Class I and Class Y do not have an initial sales charge; however, Class C does charge a contingent deferred redemption charge.  See the prospectus and summary prospectus for more information.

    1Van Eck Associates Corporation (the “Adviser”) has agreed to waive fees and/or pay Fund expenses to the extent necessary to prevent the operating expenses of the Fund (excluding acquired fund fees and expenses, interest expense, trading expenses, dividends and interest payments on securities sold short, taxes and extraordinary expenses) from exceeding 1.25% for Class A, 1.95% for Class C, 0.95% for Class I, and 1.00% for Class Y of the Fund’s average daily net assets per year until May 1, 2015. During such time, the expense limitation is expected to continue until the Board of Trustees acts to discontinue all or a portion of such expense limitation.

    2The J.P. Morgan Government Bond Index-Emerging Markets Global Diversified (GBI-EM) tracks local currency bonds issued by Emerging Markets governments. The index spans over 15 countries. The J.P. Morgan Emerging Markets Bond Index Global Diversified (EMBI) tracks returns for actively traded external debt instruments in emerging markets, and is also J.P. Morgan’s most liquid U.S-dollar emerging markets debt benchmark.

    3Average Yield to Worst measures the lowest of either yield-to-maturity or yield-to-call date on every possible call date. Effective duration takes into account that expected cash flows will fluctuate as interest rates change. Effective maturity is the length of time until a fixed income investment returns its original investment. Distribution Yield is the amount of cash flow paid out and is calculated by dividing the annual income (interest or dividends) by the current price of the security. Averages are market weighted. These statistics do not take into account fees and expenses associated with investments or the Fund.

    The views and opinions expressed are those of Van Eck Global. Fund manager commentaries are general in nature and should not be construed as investment advice. Opinions are subject to change with market conditions. Any discussion of specific securities mentioned in the commentaries is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation to buy these securities. Fund holdings will vary.

    You can lose money by investing in the Fund. Any investment in the Fund should be part of an overall investment program, not a complete program. The Fund is subject to risks associated with its investments in emerging markets securities. Investing in foreign denominated and/or domiciled securities may involve heightened risk due to currency fluctuations, and economic and political risks, which may be enhanced in emerging markets. As the Fund may invest in securities denominated in foreign currencies and some of the income received by the Fund will be in foreign currencies, changes in currency exchange rates may negatively impact the Fund’s return. Derivatives may involve certain costs and risks such as liquidity, interest rate, market, credit, management and the risk that a position could not be closed when most advantageous. The Fund may also be subject to credit risk, interest rate risk, sovereign debt risk, tax risk, non-diversification risk and risks associated with non-investment grade securities. Please see the prospectus and summary prospectus for information on these and other risk considerations. 

    Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal. An investor should consider investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the investment company carefully before investing. Bond and bond funds will decrease in value as interest rates rise. The prospectus and summary prospectus contain this and other information.  Please read them carefully before investing. 

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