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Global Hard Assets UCITS

  • Minimum Investments

    USD R1 Acc$100$100
    USD I1 Acc$1,000,000$100,000
    USD I2 Acc$10,000,000$100,000
    USD I3 Acc$20,000,000$100,000

  • Ongoing Charges*

    USD R1 Acc2.10%
    USD I1 Acc1.20%
    USD I2 Acc1.10%
    USD I3 Acc1.00%

    *The ongoing charges shown above include the sum of the full management fee (management company fee, investment manager fee and global distribution fee) and the fixed rate of operating costs (FROC) at the time of launch, as well as any applicable hedging costs. Hedging costs are only applicable to share classes not denominated in USD. The ongoing charges shown are the estimated maximum figures for 2014. The ongoing charge excludes portfolio transaction costs and extraordinary costs and expenses as further detailed in the Prospectus.

  • Additional Fees & Charges

    Subscription FeeRedemption Fee
    USD R1 Accup to 5%none
    USD I1 Accnonenone
    USD I2 Accnonenone
    USD I3 Accnonenone

  • Important Disclosure 

    This website is for informational/advertisement purposes only and does not constitute any legal or investment advice. This web site should not be regarded as an offer for the purchase and the sale of the fund’s shares.

    Investors should consult the prospectus and key investor information before subscribing. The prospectus, the key investor information documents and the financial reports can be obtained free of charge from this web site and upon request from the SICAV’s registered office and the offices of all local information agents. The documents, except for key investor information, are only available in English. Past performance of the sub-fund is no guarantee for future performance.

    You can lose money by investing in the Sub-Fund. Any investment in the Sub-Fund should be part of an overall investment program, not a complete program. Global Hard Assets UCITS is subject to the risks associated with extraction of natural resources, such as the risks of mining and oil drilling, and the risks of the hazards associated with natural resources, including but not limited to fire, drought and increased regulatory and environmental costs. Overall portfolio may decline in value due to developments specific to the hard asset industry.

    The Sub-Fund is an open-ended investment companies established in Luxembourg, which is available for sale in certain jurisdictions only. The Sub-Fund is not available for sale in the U.S. or to U.S. persons. Van Eck Switzerland AG is the global distributor of the Sub-Funds.