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The New Worlds of Emerging Markets Bonds

FRAN RODILOSSO: Hello. I'm Fran Rodilosso, Senior Investment Officer for fixed-income ETFs at Van Eck Global.

When is more debt a good thing? When it is being issued by a wide range of borrowers in a variety of sectors from a growing number of countries. For emerging markets debt investors, more debt has been a good thing because it resulted in a more investable asset class with greater diversification and greater liquidity.

We hope that you will join us for a discussion about emerging markets debt, the evolution of the asset class, and how that evolution has been reflected in the development of emerging economies in mostly positive ways. While we hope that many of you will agree with our points of view on emerging markets, and more specifically on emerging markets debt, we know that some of you will certainly disagree. In either case we look forward to a spirited discussion about emerging markets debt and the variety of opportunities that lie within it. Whether you are talking or only thinking about emerging markets debt, we believe you will benefit from speaking with Van Eck Global.

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