Ties and Totes

  • A Little Bird Told Us, in 140 Characters or Less, That the Newest VanEck Tie Shows the White House All Atwitter  


    Each year we tap into a forward-looking investment trend and bring you an amusing depiction of that theme on our signature silk ties and carrying totes. For 2017 we capture President Trump’s affinity for tweeting in our own whimsical way, which has always been our aim with each of the designs in this now decade-long series (read press release).


    Past ties and totes have featured such classics as "helicopter Ben Bernanke" showering the world with greenbacks, a dovish Janet Yellen bringing peace to donkeys and elephants, a ship called the QE3 sailing into the sunset, and a portrait of Alexander Hamilton that doubled as a plea to keep America’s first Treasury Secretary on the $10 bill.


    Interest in our ties and totes has grown over the years, eliciting comments from reporters, businesses, and social media commentators. We are especially proud that the WSJ took notice of our sartorial fun.  


    We are always interested in new ideas. Please send your suggestions to our CEO, Jan van Eck.




    • 2017 - Tweeter Tie2017 - Tweeter Tie
      2017 - Tweeter Tie
    • 2016 - Flying Renminbi2016 - Flying Renminbi
      2016 - Flying Renminbi
    • 2015 - QE32015 - QE3
      2015 - QE3
    • 2014 - Janet Yellen2013 - Janet Yellen
      2014 - Janet Yellen
    • 2013 - Mario Draghi and Ben Bernanke2013 - Mario Draghi and Ben Bernanke
      2013 - Mario Draghi and Ben Bernanke
    • 2012 - Kicking the Can2012 - Kicking the Can
      2012 - Kicking the Can
    • 2011 - Helicopter Ben2011 - Helicopter Ben
      2011 - Helicopter Ben
    • 2010 - Gold Mining2010 - Gold Mining
      2010 - Gold Mining
    • 2009 - Alternative Energy2009 - Alternative Energy
      2009 - Alternative Energy
    • 2008 - Hard Assets2008 - Hard Assets
      2008 - Hard Assets