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  • Trends with Benefits

    Trends with Benefits #21 with Patrick Keane: It’s Game On as Sports Gear Up Again

    Ed Lopez, Head of ETF Product
    August 04, 2020

    Game On

    When we recorded this episode in early March 2020, COVID-19 was just becoming a thing as were elbow greetings, such was the way Patrick Keane and I greeted one another in our studio. Little did we know, this was to be one of our last recorded episodes in studio before the shutdown. Sports hadn’t been canceled yet and we all hoped this virus would be short lived. Shortly thereafter, sports were canceled, uncertainty reigned and we decided to sideline this episode.

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    Fast forward a few months and some sports are starting to make their way back, as are the sports books. Today, 22 states and Washington D.C. have legalized sports betting. So, now we’ve decided to release this episode because, while some references may be dated, the underlying trends haven’t really changed. More states have legalized sports betting, sports leagues are seeing the benefits of engaging with sports bettors and mobile technology is helping usher in this new era. So, while things may have been on hold for a few months, it’s now game on as sports start to gear up again.

    To stay up-to date on sports betting legalization in the U.S. check out Action Network’s handy state-by-state tracker on their website. They have compiled a comprehensive look at all 50 states (plus Washington D.C.), with projected legalization dates for every state.

    Trend or Fad

    Listen for Patrick Keane’s take on virtual reality, cord cutting, cryptocurrency, and coordinated team touchdown dances.

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