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  • Trends with Benefits

    Trends with Benefits #36: Stay in the Game with Dr. Gil Chimes

    Ed Lopez, Head of ETF Product
    November 24, 2020

    In this special episode I chat with Dr. Gil Chimes, Owner and Clinical Director of Greenwich Sports Medicine, about the surging COVID cases and what everyone can do to prepare their body in case they are exposed to the virus.

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    A Body in Balance

    Coronavirus is surging all across the U.S. this fall. Much of the narrative in the media is about what should be done to limit or prevent the spread of COVID-19 but it seems to me and Dr. Chimes that we all haven't heard enough about what you can do to prepare your body to best be able to handle an exposure to the virus. What comes from this discussion is not just ideas for handling the virus, but insights about how to live one's life in general to avoid many of the other ailments society deals with in normal times.

    Dr. Chimes comes to it from an interesting perspective. While he works with many desk jockeys like myself, dealing with the nagging knot in their back, he also works with professional athletes who are trying to stay on top of their game. He's the consulting chiropractor with the NYCFC MLS soccer team and the New York Yankees baseball team. In his practice he not only works on musculoskeletal issues but also addresses lifestyle factors like nutrition and sleep with his patients, all in an effort to help his patients maintain a body in balance and best able to fend off illnesses.

    This was a fascinating discussion for me, having an interest in fitness and nutrition, and it was refreshing to hear his candid insights about diet, exercise and sleep. There were some surprising revelations for me like how much vitamin D you should really be getting and some interesting ideas about how to get better sleep.

    Trend or Fad

    Listen for Dr. Chimes’ take on CBD, weighted sleep mats, intermittent fasting and standing desks.

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