Exchange-Traded Funds

VanEck recognized early the transformative impact of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Today, we are among the largest providers of ETFs in the U.S.

The VanEck Approach

Collectively, our ETF development is driven by market selection and index construction based on investability, liquidity, diversity and transparency.

  • We launched our ETF business in 2006, with the U.S.’s first gold mining ETF.
  • Today, our ETF offerings provide flexibility and access to global equity and fixed income markets. We offer core investment opportunities and access to more specialized exposures to enhance portfolio diversification.
  • Our ETFs have received multiple awards and accolades from highly respected industry publications such as and Fund Intelligence.

Why now?

As the market continues to evolve in a changing growth and interest rate regime, investors will encounter a need to reengage with their portfolios. ETFs should be a key component of a well-diversified portfolio, as they offer specific benefits to investors.

  1. ETFs are known for their relatively low cost and simple fee structures. Buying and selling an ETF is akin to trading a stock, so brokerage commissions and trading spreads are considerations when evaluating the total cost of an ETF.
  2. Underlying ETF holdings are generally disclosed in full on a daily basis, and share prices are updated in real time. Investors can gain up-to-date insight into their range of exposures, which can empower more informed asset allocation decisions.
  3. ETFs are some of the most tax efficient investment vehicles available to investors today. The underlying mechanics, such as the way ETF shares are created and redeemed, generally result in daily operations that generate relatively few taxable events. This, in turn, can translate into lower taxes for investors.
  4. Investors can quickly gain access to different asset classes, geographic regions, sectors or strategies, from niche to broad. Investors are also able to trade ETFs intraday and employ trading strategies not possible with mutual funds, such as selling short or using limit orders.

ETFs are purpose-built, aimed at either providing exposure to asset classes that are underrepresented in investor portfolios or offering a different approach to established investment categories.  Our ETFs span many global asset classes and are built to be transparent, liquid, and pure-play reflections of targeted markets.