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19 October 2021
Trends with Benefits #67: Thematic Investing with Chris Versace
In this episode, Ed speaks with Chris Versace, Chief Investment officer of Tematica Research, about the trend in adoption of thematic investing.
12 October 2021
Trends with Benefits #66: Digital India with Angus Shillington
In this episode Ed speaks with Angus Shillington about how India is leapfrogging into a digital future and impacting everything from the economy, households, government finances and the potential for investors.
25 August 2021
Trends with Benefits #63: Closing America’s Wealth Gap with Calvin Williams Jr.
Ed speaks with Calvin Williams Jr., CEO and Founder of Freeman Capital about entrepreneurship, building a wealth management practice and his mission of closing the wealth gap in America.
12 August 2021
Trends with Benefits #61: A Long Term Approach to Investing with Joe Terranova
Ed is joined by Joe Terranova, CNBC contributor on the Halftime Report, Senior Managing Director of Virtus Investment Partners and author of Buy High, Sell Higher to discuss the outlook for long-term investments in today's market.
04 August 2021
Trends with Benefits #60: Green Bonds with Sean Kidney
Ed speaks with Sean Kidney, CEO of the Climate Bonds Initiative ("CBI") about current trends in the green bonds market and the outlook of sustainable finance.
26 July 2021
Trends with Benefits Recap: Crypto Series Roundup
Understanding the world of bitcoin can be intimidating, largely in part to it having its own language. This year we decided to produce a special podcast series, dedicated to bitcoin education.
15 July 2021
Trends with Benefits #59: What is Sustainable Investing
In this episode I speak with Veronica Zhang, Analyst and Deputy Portfolio Manager at VanEck about the trends in sustainable investing and key themes investors should be paying attention to.