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26 July 2021
Trends with Benefits Recap: Crypto Series Roundup
Understanding the world of bitcoin can be intimidating, largely in part to it having its own language. This year we decided to produce a special podcast series, dedicated to bitcoin education.
15 July 2021
Trends with Benefits #59: What is Sustainable Investing
In this episode I speak with Veronica Zhang, Analyst and Deputy Portfolio Manager at VanEck about the trends in sustainable investing and key themes investors should be paying attention to.
29 June 2021
Trends with Benefits #58: Bad Actors in Bitcoin with Jake Chervinsky
Ed speaks with Jake Chervinsky, General Counsel at Compound Labs Inc. about bad actors in bitcoin and what he's hearing from lawmakers on crypto regulations.
24 June 2021
Trends with Benefits #57: Flipping the Financial Literacy Script with Janet Alvarez
This week I am joined by Janet Alvarez, TV and online contributor to CNBC and Telemundo and Executive Editor at Wise Bread to discuss the importance of financial literacy, COVID's impact on people of color and the digitalization of journalism.
15 June 2021
Trends with Benefits #56: Retirement Savings Time Bomb with Ed Slott
Ed speaks with Ed Slott, CPA and author of The New Retirement Savings Time Bomb about what investors need to understand about retirement and how they can keep more of what they've saved.
09 June 2021
Trends with Benefits #55: The State of Asset Allocation with Dana D’Auria
Ed speaks with Envestnet's Dana D'Auria about challenges to traditional asset allocation approaches, navigating "hot" investment trends, the growth versus value dynamic and the alpha thesis of ESG.
12 May 2021
Trends with Benefits #53: Women Making an Impact in Finance with Sue van der Linden
In this episode I chat with Sue van der Linden, wealth advisor at Bluestone Planning Group about her advocacy of females in finance.