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16 March 2021
Trends with Benefits #48: Stock Selection and Valuation with Andrew Lane
Andrew Lane, Director of Equity Research, Index Strategies with Morningstar joins me to talk about Morningstar’s Wide Moat approach to stock selection and valuation.
09 March 2021
47. No Jargon Bitcoin – Ep. 2 Bitcoin’s Growing Popularity with Institutions
This week I sit down with Dan Tapiero, Managing Partner and CEO of 10T Holdings and Co-founder of Gold Bullion International, to discuss Bitcoin’s investment case for institutions.
02 March 2021
Trends with Benefits #46: Social Sentiment with Jamie Wise
Jamie Wise, CEO of Periscope Capital and Founder of Buzz Holdings joins me this week to discuss social sentiment as an investment strategy.
17 February 2021
Trends with Benefits #45: The State of Public Markets with Hope Jarkowski
In this episode I speak with Hope Jarkowski, Head of Equities for the New York Stock Exchange about the role exchanges are playing to improve access and opportunities for investors.
02 February 2021
Trends with Benefits #43: How the Casino Industry Plans to Digitally Adapt with Howard Jay Klein
I speak with Howard Jay Klein, author of The House Edge casino investment site on Seeking Alpha. We discuss sports and mobile betting and the outlook for the traditional casino and gaming industry.
12 January 2021
Trends with Benefits #40: Evolution of Fixed Income Markets with Phil Cichlar
In this episode I speak with Phil Cichlar, Fixed Income Specialist for Jane Street about the evolution of fixed income and the narrowing divide between retail and institutional investors.
29 December 2020
Trends with Benefits #39: Harley Bassman on Interest Rates, Demographics and Mortgage REITs
In this episode, I speak with Harley Bassman, publisher of The Convexity Maven about the influence of demographics on interest rates, inflation and alternative income options.