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03 September 2020
Trends with Benefits #24: Bridging the Financial Information Gap with Dasarte Yarnway
In this episode of Trends with Benefits, Ed Lopez speaks with Dasarte Yarnway, Founder & Managing Director of Berknell Financial Group about building an investment advisory practice, bridging the financial information gap, working with professional athletes and taking his business digital.
19 August 2020
Trends with Benefits #22: Joe Foster on Why We See Gold Surpassing $3,000

Ed Lopez and Joe Foster, gold strategist and portfolio manager at VanEck talk about the case for gold, gold miners and his new $3,400 price target for gold.

04 August 2020
Trends with Benefits #21 with Patrick Keane: It’s Game On as Sports Gear Up Again
Ed Lopez sits down with Patrick Keane, CEO of the Action Network to discuss trends in sports betting including state-by-state legalization and why sports leagues are now getting in on the action.
28 July 2020
Trends with Benefits #20 with Michael Batnick: What Does Today’s Market Strength Mean for Tomorrow?
Michael Batnick, Director of Research for Ritholz Wealth Management chats with Ed Lopez about getting his start with the Ritholz team, content generation as a tool for business building, managing through a crazy market and the dominance of a few names of major market indices.
21 July 2020
Trends with Benefits #19: Watching the Fed with Ed Yardeni
Ed welcomes President and Chief Investment Strategist of Yardeni Research and author of the new book, Fed Watching for Fun & Profit, Dr. Ed Yardeni. They discuss the movement of the Fed from both a historical, and present day perspective.
14 July 2020
Trends with Benefits #18: Taylor Schulte on Retirement Planning
In this episode of Trends with Benefits Ed Lopez catches up with Taylor Schulte, Founder & CEO of Define Financial. They discuss financial planning ideas for retirement and modern marketing ideas for business owners.
23 June 2020
Trends with Benefits #16: Charles Rotblut on Investor Behavior and Sentiment
Charles Rotblut, CFA, VP and AAII Journal Editor joins Ed Lopez on Trends with Benefits to discuss how investors have reacted to recent market volatility, investor sentiment and the potential bargains in small cap stocks.