47. No Jargon Bitcoin – Ep. 2 Bitcoin’s Growing Popularity with Institutions

09 March 2021


I continue our special Bitcoin podcast series by welcoming Dan Tapiero, Manager Partner and CEO of 10T Holdings and Co-founder of Gold Bullion International, to discuss the investment case for Bitcoin when it comes to institutions.

We begin our conversation by discussing Dan’s background and what led him down the road to Bitcoin. Going back six to seven years, Dan admits to not being overly enthusiastic about Bitcoin but discusses how the Satoshi Whitepaper helped spark an epiphany, leading to his realization of the magnitude of the technology and making him qualify the ingenuity as being equivalent to that of the combustible engine or electricity.

Many institutional investors are rethinking the traditional 60/40 allocation and seeking out alternative sources of alpha. Dan highlights Bitcoin’s compelling performance profile and what it would look like in a 60/40 portfolio, if one were to look back over the last decade. Dan also explains which factors he believes have led to institutions becoming more comfortable with Bitcoin, as well as what onboarding Bitcoin at these institutions entails. We also discussed the difference between gold and crypto and why they will always remain two separate asset classes, PayPal’s role in increasing accessibility to digital assets and finally, the opportunity Dan sees for the government and Bitcoin to work together—particularly when it comes to creating more jobs.



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