Trends with Benefits #105: Alleviating Advisor Challenges with Denise Wypiszenski

08 August 2023

Listen Time 32:53 MIN

Learn how the 4U platform disrupted an antiquated process within the financial services industry and what it’s like to transition from the corporate world to being an entrepreneur.

“The most important commodity an advisor has is their time,” explains Denise Wypiszenski, Founder and Co-CEO of 4U. 4U helps financial advisors make the most of their time by fostering collaboration between advisors and financial services companies to streamline the marketing material approval process. We discuss the obstacles that come with launching a business, especially during COVID-19, and Denise shares what lessons future entrepreneurs should keep in mind.

Show Notes:

02:04 What’s top of mind in the economy

05:28 How 4U helps financial advisors

12:15 Obstacles when starting a business

18:46 Developing culture at a company

20:53 Transitioning from the corporate world to being an entrepreneur

23:51 Lessons for future entrepreneurs

26:21 Long-term trend

29:34 Trend or fad

Trend or Fad

Listen for Denise’s view on sustainable investing, robots, lab-grown meat, and the four-day work week.

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