Trends with Benefits #109: Modernizing Financial Advice with Ritik Malhotra

09 November 2023

Listen Time 30:55 MIN

This episode explores how technology can be used in wealth management to improve financial advisors’ relationships with their clients.

I am joined by Ritik Malhotra, co-founder and CEO of Savvy Wealth. Ritik talks about being an entrepreneur and how the successful exit of his first two companies led him to start his third. After receiving a financial windfall from these acquisitions, Ritik struggled to find a financial advisor that was well-matched for him, so he co-founded Savvy Wealth to better meet clients’ needs through technology. We discuss what helps financial advisors stand out in their practices, the importance of qualitative and quantitative traits in advising, and how to incorporate artificial intelligence. Additionally, we chat about direct indexing and its relationship to ETFs.

Show Notes:

02:33 Ritik’s background

04:05 Starting Savvy Wealth

10:23 How financial advisors can stand out in their practices

14:19 Savvy Wealth’s solutions

16:40 Incorporating AI in wealth management

21:20 What attracts advisors to Savvy Wealth

23:35 Direct indexing

27:48 Long-term trend

29:12 Trend or Fad

Trend or Fad

Listen for Ritik’s take on cryptocurrencies, electric vehicles, and psychedelic therapy.

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