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Trends with Benefits #119: The Growth of Padel and What’s Next in Financial Services

29 May 2024

Listen Time 37:30 MIN

Bill Ullman joins this episode to discuss padel, a fast-growing racket sport, as well as factors transforming the financial services industry.

You’ve likely heard of pickleball, but have you heard of its cousin sport padel? Bill Ullman, an elected member of the US Padel Association Board, certified padel head coach, fintech advisor, entrepreneur, and podcaster with a background in investment banking, shares his vast range of experiences throughout this episode. First, Bill discusses the growth of padel and investment opportunities in the space from equipment and apparel to company sponsorships and events. Then, we talk about how technology is shaking up the financial services industry through faster transactions and the ability to discover and securitize assets that hadn’t previously been securitized.

Show Notes:

03:21 What is padel?

09:30 Investment opportunities in padel

11:23 Growth in the padel world

13:55 Bill’s background in financial services

21:45 Factors changing financial services

24:54 The potential of AI in finance

30:48 Long-term trend

33:52 Trend or Fad

Trend or Fad

Listen for Bill’s take on virtual reality in e-sports gaming, paid “fin-fluencers,” meal kit delivery services, and psychedelics.

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