Trends with Benefits #85: What to Buy… and When with Jan van Eck and Shawn Reynolds

04 October 2022

Listen Time 53:44 MIN


On this special live episode of Trends with Benefits, I sit down with CEO Jan van Eck who shares his current investment outlook. To determine what investors should consider ahead of 2023, Jan takes us back to the 1970s – the highest inflation decade of the last 100 hundred years.

We discuss the tight labor market and how it will impact the cycle of rising rates. Additionally, we explore corporate profitability, which is uncertain and faces pressure from slowed global growth. Jan’s biggest takeaway? Look into bonds.

Shawn Reynolds, Portfolio Manager, Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability investment strategies, also joins us to share his favorite energy transition companies and how they are positioned to become leaders through innovation and superior management.

Jan and Shawn answer questions about the Fed’s ability to shrink its balance sheet, carbon trading, and the scope of a potential recession.

Show Notes:

04:00 Jan van Eck’s Outlook

06:11 Monetary Policy

08:20 Fiscal Policy

09:46 Wage Inflation

13:33 Global Growth

22:50 The Role of Banks in Credit Markets

26:42 Commodity Equities

37:21 Energy Transition Companies

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