Trends with Benefits #87: Lithium Leads the Way with Anand Sheth

24 October 2022

Listen Time 24:01 MIN


Thrust into the headlines with the growing demand for electric vehicles and the ongoing globalization efforts around decarbonization, lithium is an important, even critical, element. Its price has skyrocketed over 200% in just the last year, and over 1200% since December 2020.

I meet with Anand Sheth, Founding Chairman of the International Lithium Association. Anand explains that we are in the “lithium century,” due to an increase in the major players in the industry as well as an increased need for energy storage, which is expected to continue. Lithium is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels due to its recyclability, which allows its batteries to be recharged. Additionally, Anand and I unpack the value chain for lithium and explore which areas may offer investment opportunities.

Show Notes:

03:18 Demand for Lithium

05:12 History of Lithium Mining and Extraction

12:51 Sustainability of Lithium

15:50 Investment Opportunities

18:02 Long-term Trend

19:12 Trend or Fad

Trend or Fad

Listen for Anand’s take on deglobalization, growing dividends from mining companies, space tourism, deep sea mining, and cryptocurrencies.

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