Trends with Benefits #88: Soul in the Game with Vitaliy Katsenelson

08 November 2022

Listen Time 29:26 MIN


How do you meditate? Why is creativity painful? I meet with Vitaliy Katsenelson, CEO of IMA and author of Soul in the Game: The Art of a Meaningful Life. We talk about the power of stoicism and reframing your mindset. Vitaliy shares his love of classical music and how lessons from famous composers apply to investing. Additionally, we explore why Vitaliy believes we will enter a sideways market and his approach to navigating today’s markets.

Show Notes:

03:48 The Power of Stoicism

10:49 Pain and Creativity

15:47 Are We Entering a Sideways Market?

20:04 Navigating the Current Market

21:45 Long-Term Trend

22:54 Trend or Fad

Trend or Fad

Listen for Vitaliy’s take on ESG, the Metaverse, DINKs (dual income, no kids), and quiet quitting.

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