Trends with Benefits Quickie #1: To T-Bill or Not to T-Bill

09 October 2023

Listen Time 16:26 MIN

Explore whether T-bills fit your investment needs in this market environment.

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I am joined by VanEck’s Fran Rodilosso, Head of Fixed Income ETF Portfolio Management, and Bill Sokol, VP, Director of Product Management. We discuss whether investors should sit out market volatility in T-bills and if the convenience of using money market funds to earn a higher yield is worth the fees. Additionally, we explore how investment opportunities change depending on a Fed pause or pivot and why investors should diversify their fixed income lineup.

Show Notes:

00:46 Why T-Bills Now

3:50 Risks to the Market’s Outlook for a Fed Pause

9:00 Money Market Funds

10:50 Investor Needs and Diversification

14:11 Quick Take: T-Bill and Chill?

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