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VanEck Multi-Asset Growth Allocation UCITS ETF

Index Description

The Multi-Asset Growth Allocation Index is composed of different indices with the following weights:

  • 60% Solactive Sustainable World Equity Index
  • 10% GPR Global 100 Index
  • 15% iBoxx SD-KPI EUR Liquid Corporates Index
  • 15% Markit iBoxx EUR Liquid Sovereign Diversified 1-10 Index

Index Key Points

Underlying Index
Multi-Asset Growth Allocation Index (TTMTIOF)

Index composition
The index has the followings specifications:

  • The indices allocation is reviewed annually on the first Tuesday of September, so that the allocation corresponds to the original ratio again.
  • If this is not a trading day, the review will take place on the next following trading day.
  • The equity universe of the underlying indices consists of companies from developed countries around the world.
  • The bond universe of the underlying indices consists of euro denominated government and corporate bonds.

More information on the rules of the underlying indices is available in the prospectus under ‘documents’ on or


Index Provider
IHS Markit


Download Index Methodology

Index Information

  • Index Provider

    IHS Markit
  • Index Type

    Total Return
  • Currency

  • Reconstitution Frequency

  • Bloomberg Ticker

  • Reuters Ticker


Index Composition (%) as of 28 Feb 2023

Total Constituents: 4
Constituent Name
Weightings (%)
Sol Sust Wld GTR
iBoxx SD-KPI EUR Liquid Corporates Index
iBoxx € Sovrgn 1-10 TR
GPR 100GRI Intraday
Total 100.00
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