• Save Hamilton Ties

    April 2016 - We applaud the U.S. Treasury's decision to heed our cry to save Hamilton's visage on the $10 bill. 

    Alexander Hamilton: Founding Father, first Secretary of the Treasury, architect of the American financial system. Dozens of other superlatives can be used to describe Hamilton.

    In mid-2015 we created special ties celebrating Alexander Hamilton's visage on the U.S. $10 bill, in an effort to defend his honor. To make a long story short, outrage ensued among Hamilton's many supporters, including us, and as a result, the Treasury just announced its decision to maintain Hamilton's bearing on the $10 bill and to replace President Andrew Jackson with abolitionist Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.

    Our ties were issued shortly after news broke in mid-2015 of U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s plans to release a redesigned $10 bill in 2020 that would see the removal of Hamilton’s image from a position it has held since 1928. In addition, to mark the anniversary of Hamilton's death on July 12, 1804, we penned this poetic plea on his behalf: 

    Alexander Hamilton on Jack Lew’s Original Proposal

    I’m the "$10 founding father."
    My preference is to make no bother.
    But your proposal makes me skittish,
    Much more so than do the British.
    And while I want to be no bore,
    Over this I’ll fight a revolutionary war.

    I believe we need sound money.
    About that I see nothing funny.
    VanEck agrees. Keep currency strong
    To insure our liberty for long.

    Remove my picture from the 10-spot?
    My reaction: It’s not so hot.
    Here’s an option for you, Jack Lew,
    An alternative you can pursue.
    Remove “Old Hickory” from the 20.
    Who’ll miss him?  Not very many!

    Replace him with my face so fair.
    Go one step further if you dare.
    For my picture, I’ll dress so fine.
    I’ll wear a favorite tie of mine.
    Wearing it makes me feel noble.
    It’s from my friends at VanEck!

    My picture on this VanEck Tie
    Reminds us all: reach for the sky.
    But always keep a strong foundation:
    A sound currency for this great nation.