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With money printed like never before, future proof your portfolio with “digital gold”.

1 Month 3 Months YTD 1 Year 3 Years
5 Years
MVIS CryptoCompare Bitcoin VWAP Close Index 31.50% 126.38% 55.72% 410.84% 61.03% 160.13%

Figures in the table as of 28 February 2021. Periods greater than one year are annualised. Source: VanEck, MVIS. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Index performance is not representative of note performance. Investors cannot invest directly in the Index. For important information on the Index, please refer to the bottom of this page.

The Digital Currency That’s Potentially “Digital Gold”

Gold, government currencies (e.g. the euro and the US Dollar) and bitcoin all have monetary value. This monetary value arises out of the collective belief that they are worth something – backed by the five traits of money.

Bitcoin fulfills these traits better than gold or any official currencies.

Traits of Money Gold Government issued Bitcoin
Fungibility High High High
Durability High Moderate High
High Divisibility Moderate Moderate High
Scarcity Moderate Low High
Portability Moderate High High

Basic Information about Bitcoin

Bitcoin Helps to Diversify Portfolios in Uncertain Times

Bitcoin’s low correlation to traditional asset classes makes it ideal for diversifying a portfolio.

1/1/2015 to 31/8/2020
Bitcoin S&P 500 US Bonds Gold US Real Estate Oil Emerging Market Currencies
Bitcoin 0.22 0.13 0.11 0.13 0.13 0.14
S&P 500 0.22 -0.07 0.01 0.64 0.56 0.42
US Bonds 0.13 -0.07 0.59 0.39 -0.10 0.32
Gold 0.11 0.01 0.59 0.13 0.04 0.52
US Real Estate 0.13 0.64 0.39 0.13 0.33 0.41
Oil 0.13 0.56 -0.10 0.04 0.33 0.33
Emerging Market Currencies 0.14 0.42 0.32 0.52 0.41 0.33

Source: Morningstar. Data as of 31 August 2020. Bitcoin is measured by the MVIS CryptoCompare Bitcoin VWAP Close Index; US Bonds is measured by the Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Index; Gold is measured by the S&P GSCI Gold Spot Index; US Real Estate is measured by the MSCI US REIT Index; Oil is measured by the Brent Crude oil spot price, Emerging Market Currencies is measured by the Bloomberg Barclays EM Local Currency Government Index.

Performance of a Sample Portfolio

Asymmetric Return Profile (1/2/2012 - 31/8/2020)

Asymmetric Return Profile - 60/40 Portfolio

  Cumulative Return Annualized Return Std Dev Sharpe Ratio Beta
S&P 500 TR (1989) 218.84 14.46 12.94 1.06 1.00
BBgBarc US Agg Bond TR USD 33.17 3.39 3.02 0.90 -0.01
60% Equities
40% Bonds
129.29 10.15 7.78 1.19 0.59

Source: Morningstar. Data as of 31 August 2020; past performance is no guarantee of future results. Index performance is not representative of the product performance. Investors cannot invest directly in the Index. For important information, please refer to the bottom of this page.

Invest in Bitcoin through the VanEck Vectors Bitcoin ETN

VanEck Vectors Bitcoin ETN

The VanEck Vectors Bitcoin ETN is a fully-collateralized exchange traded note listed on the regulated segment of Deutsche Boerse Xetra.

ISIN: DE000A28M8D0

  • Safety: We are using a regulated custodian (Bank Frick & Co. AG) to store bitcoin in state-of-the-art cold storage.
  • Securitization on a regulated exchange: The VanEck Vectors Bitcoin ETN trades like a stock on Deutsche Boerse Xetra.
  • Eligibility: It can be traded and kept in custody by the traditional members of the financial supply chain.
  • Simplicity: The performance is directly linked to the price of bitcoin.
  • Collateralization: 100% fully collateralized by bitcoin.

Bank Frick & Co. AG, a fully licensed credit institution, is a regulated custodian under the “Law on Tokens and Trusted Technology Service Providers” (TTTL, or “Blockchain Act”) from 1 January 2020 and a holder of a “TT Token Depositary” license.

Multiple layers of protection

  • Bank Frick & Co. AG: Regulated custodian under Liechtenstein’s Blockchain Act
  • State-of-the-art digital asset custody technology
  • Cold Storage

Risks to consider: Custodian might not be able to protect the digital assets against sophisticated hacking attacks.

Main Risk Factors

Despite all the hype, digital assets are a highly risky investment. Below are key risk factors that need to be considered before making an investment (please note that this list is not inclusive and a complete list of risk factors can be found in the base prospectus of the programme).

The note provides exposure to the leading digital asset, bitcoin. Due to this concentrated exposure to a limited number of digital assets, prospective investors should be aware that there are risks deriving from such concentration, the most significant of which is the impact on the liquidity and the volatility of the Notes.

The Future of Money is Digital

  • Bitcoin is non-government issued money outside of the central bank system
  • Bitcoin has become more institutionalized over the past decade
  • Bitcoin has the potential to become a form of digital gold

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