Asia’s Blockchain Innovator

Why Invest in the TRON ETN?

TRON is a leading member of the new generation of blockchain platforms that is quickly gaining market share.

VanEck Vectors TRON ETN (ISIN: DE000A3GSUE1) gives investors the following advantages:

  • Exposure to the next-generation TRON smart contract platform, providing advanced infrastructure for blockchain apps
  • Early investment in a technology that delivers faster speed and cheaper transaction fees
  • Access through easily-traded ETN
  • Tradeable like an ETF on regulated stock exchanges
  • Fully collateralized

Note that the blockchain ecosystem is still developing. The winners and losers in its ecosystem are not certain. There are no guarantees. You may lose money up to the total loss of your investment due to the Main Risk Factors such as very high volatility, currency risk, regulatory risk, adoption risk, governance risk and technology risk which are described below and in the sales prospectus.

What is special about TRON?

TRON’s combination of relatively fast speeds and lower transaction costs make it one of the new generation of blockchain platforms on top of which developers are building a wide variety of decentralized apps. TRON is helping to make the blockchain a practical option for businesses.

The protocol is based on ‘delegated proof-of-stake’ crypto technology that is the key to its greater transaction capacity, speed and security.

The TRON Foundation was founded in 2017 in Singapore by a serial Chinese tech entrepreneur. Today, TRON is one of the fastest-growing crypto platforms, and hosts the world’s largest stablecoin. TRON has joint headquarters, in the Americas and Asia Pacific.

Explaining this ETN

The TRON platform was founded as a next-generation smart blockchain platform that would “decentralize the web”, to quote its slogan.

It’s quickly gaining ground – the TRON website reports it has almost 54 million accounts and has processed 2.4 billion transactions. The TRON ecosystem ranks among the top five active dApp platforms by users, transactions and developer activity.

This ETN tracks the value of TRX and uses the MVIS CryptoCompare TRON VWAP Close Index for the calculation of its NAV.

VanEck Vectors TRON ETN


  • Asia’s leading next-generation blockchain platform
  • A popular choice for applications looking to scale up
  • Easily traded on Deutsche Börse
  • Fully collateralized
  • 1.5% total expense ratio
  • Regulated custodian

Risk indication: 7 out of 7

Lower risk: Typically lower reward

Higher risk: Typically higher reward

Main Risk Factors

Despite all the hype, digital assets are a highly risky investment. Below are key risk factors that need to be considered before making an investment.


The trading prices of many digital assets have experienced extreme volatility in recent periods and may well continue to do so. Digital assets were only introduced within the past decade and regulatory clarity remains elusive in many jurisdictions. Digital assets' value depends on such regulation remaining favorable, as well with the technological capabilities, the development of protocol networks, competition from other digital asset networks and from forks. Volatility can be strongly amplified by transactions from speculative investors, hedge funds and other large investors. You may experience losses if you need to sell your Shares at a time when the price of the underlying digital asset is lower than it was when you made your prior investment. Even if you are able to hold Shares for the long-term, your Shares may never generate a profit.

For more information on risks, please see the “Risk Factors” section of the relevant ETN’s prospectus, available on

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