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Fund Summary & Key Points

The Emerging Markets Equity UCITS (“Sub-Fund”) aims to generate capital growth over the long term. It mainly invests in securities of companies that are organized in emerging market countries. The investment team selects emerging market countries based on an evaluation of economic fundamentals, legal structure, political developments and other specific factors. Utilizing qualitative and quantitative measures, the investment manager seeks to invest in reasonably-priced companies that have strong structural growth potential. The Sub-Fund’s benchmark is the MSCI EM IMI.

The Emerging Markets Equity UCITS is expertly managed by a dedicated four-person investment team led by Portfolio Manager David Semple. In selecting the individual stocks, the investment team seeks attractive investment opportunities in all areas of emerging markets, and utilizes a flexible investment approach across all market capitalizations.


Fund Details
as of 31/10/19

  • Net Assets (All Classes)
  • Number of Holdings
  • Liquidity
  • Countries Registered
    AT, CH, DE, DK, FI, IE, IT, LU, NL, NO, SE, UK
  • Distribution Policy
  • Cut Off Time
    1pm IST
  • Close of Financial Year
    31 December
  • Benchmark Indices2

Performance History: Average Annual Total Returns (%)

1 MO1 3 MO1 YTD1 1 YR 3 YR 5 YR 10 YR LIFE
Emerging Markets Equity UCITS Fund
USD R1 Acc (Inception 16/07/15) 2.78 1.00 21.77 24.26 8.43 -- -- 2.81
USD I1 Acc (Inception 16/07/15) 2.86 1.23 22.68 25.39 9.41 -- -- 3.74
USD I2 Acc (Inception 16/07/15) 2.88 1.26 22.79 25.52 9.52 -- -- 3.84
USD M Acc (Inception 01/03/17) 2.85 1.20 22.63 25.30 -- -- -- 10.13
MSCI EM IMI2 4.18 0.98 9.83 11.61 6.85 -- -- 4.36
MSCI EM Index - USD2 4.22 1.03 10.35 11.86 7.36 -- -- 4.82
1 MO1 3 MO1 YTD1 1 YR 3 YR 5 YR 10 YR LIFE
Emerging Markets Equity UCITS Fund
USD R1 Acc (Inception 16/07/15) 1.23 -2.56 18.48 9.09 7.03 -- -- 2.20
USD I1 Acc (Inception 16/07/15) 1.30 -2.34 19.26 10.07 7.99 -- -- 3.12
USD I2 Acc (Inception 16/07/15) 1.30 -2.32 19.35 10.17 8.10 -- -- 3.22
USD M Acc (Inception 01/03/17) 1.30 -2.37 19.22 10.00 -- -- -- 9.28
MSCI EM IMI2 1.92 -4.28 5.42 -2.41 5.41 -- -- 3.43
MSCI EM Index - USD2 1.91 -4.25 5.89 -2.02 5.97 -- -- 3.90

Share Class Details

USD R1 Acc IE00BYXQSN11 G7417D 114 VAEMUR1 68318502 A2DLGZ BYXQSN1 36845255
USD I1 Acc IE00BYXQSL96 G7417D 247 VAEMUI1 68318504 A2DLGX BYXQSL9 36845396
USD I2 Acc IE00BYXQSM04 G7417D 254 VEMKUI2 68318505 A2DLGY BYXQSM0 36845404
USD M Acc IE00BDRHP650 G7417D 270 VAEMEMU 68318509 A2DTR3 BDRHP65 36845407

Management Company and Agents

Investment Manager (by delegation of the Management Company) Van Eck Associates Corporation
Management Company VanEck Investments Limited
Central Administration (by delegation of the Management Company), Custodian and Depositary State Street Ireland
Global Distributor (by delegation of the Management Company) VanEck Investments Limited
Auditor KPMG Ireland

Important Disclosure  

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Performance quoted represents past performance. Current performance may be lower or higher than average annual returns shown. Discrete performance shows 12 month performance to the most recent Quarter end for each of the last 5yrs where available. E.g. '1st year' shows the most recent of these 12-month periods and '2nd year' shows the previous 12 month period and so on. Performance data is displayed on a Net Asset Value basis, in Base Currency terms, with net income reinvested, net of fees. Brokerage or transaction fees will apply. Investment return and the principal value of an investment will fluctuate. Shares may be worth more or less than their original cost when redeemed.

The sales prospectus and KIID contain this and other information. Please read the sales prospectus and KIID carefully before investing.

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