Latest NAVs
as of 22/01/2020
DTM EUR 59.89 €0.05
EMLC USD 64.76 $0.10
ESPO USD 24.43 $0.15
GDIG USD 21.32 $-0.02
GDX USD 30.50 $-0.12
GDXJ USD 34.79 $-0.04
GFA USD 55.01 $0.03
HAP USD 22.30 $-0.11
HYEM USD 112.88 $-0.09
MOAT USD 40.32 $0.01
NTM EUR 65.46 €0.07
PRF USD 22.25 $0.01
TAT EUR 21.45 €0.00
TCBT EUR 18.81 €0.01
TDIV EUR 29.84 €0.04
TDT EUR 61.11 €-0.03
TEET EUR 59.90 €-0.16
TGBT EUR 14.45 €0.01
TGET EUR 46.87 €0.11
TMX EUR 93.40 €-0.08
TNAE EUR 37.29 €0.12
TOF EUR 69.55 €0.09
TRET EUR 43.23 €-0.09
TSWE EUR 95.08 €0.38

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Since its foundation in 1955, VanEck has been driven by innovation and stands for intelligent, forward-looking investment strategies. VanEck was one of the first asset managers to offer investors access to international markets. The objective has always been to identify new trends and asset classes – such as Gold Investments (1968), Emerging Markets (1993) and ETFs (2006), which have shaped the investment industry to this day.

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