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    The Top 10 Best No-Jargon Bitcoin Blogs and Podcasts

    May 27, 2021

    We at VanEck have created a “Bitcoin No Jargon” blog series where we break down bitcoin and the opportunities and risks of crypto into non-technical terms. We also regularly produce a bitcoin podcast series, “Trends with Benefits,” hosted by Ed Lopez, Head of ETF Product, in which industry professionals share their views on navigating the evolving digital asset ecosystem. Following is a compilation of our favorite bitcoin resources.

    1. No Jargon Bitcoin #2: What is Bitcoin? by Jan van Eck
      Jan provides a quick, two page blog that assesses the risks and opportunities associated with bitcoin. Important aspects of bitcoin are highlighted, including defining bitcoin as software, who controls the software, software development and upgrade, supply limitations, developers and advancements going forward.
    2. The Latest on Bitcoin – Without the Jargon, by Jan van Eck
      This is our most popular blog. After a couple of relatively quiet years, bitcoin began a rally in late 2020, soaring to new all-time highs. Jan explores the drivers behind this rally, including bitcoin’s lending and interest accrual capabilities and the progress of secure technology infrastructure needed to build smart contracts.
    3. Trends with Benefits Podcast #44: What is Bitcoin with Pierre Rochard
      Pierre, bitcoin strategist at Kraken, offers a 30 minute rundown of bitcoin, important factors for considering the digital currency in a portfolio, the intricacy of bitcoin mining and its authenticity and value.
    4. The Investment Case for Bitcoin, by Gabor Gurbacs, Director of Digital Assets Strategy
      Gabor examines bitcoin’s role within an investment portfolio, including its features as a store of value—or “digital gold.” Bitcoin often demonstrates low correlation to other more traditional assets while possibly enhancing the risk and return reward in a portfolio. Additionally, its limited supply and overall adoption by investors has added to its value.
    5. Bitcoin Is in a Supply Shortage
      The limited supply of bitcoin, inherent in its design, adds to the asset’s hedging ability. This limited supply could provide a hedge against inflation as the asset would not face the negative inflationary consequences and debasement resulting from further money supply creation. The blog post also addresses long-term holders, reasons behind the limited supply, and how the supply squeeze lends to bitcoin’s value.
    6. Gold and Bitcoin: So Happy Together, by Portfolio Manager Joe Foster
      As bitcoin becomes more widely accepted, the question arises as to whether bitcoin or gold might better preserve value and act as a hedge against risk and currency debasement. While there are distinct differences between the two, Joe identifies how the current landscape supports the idea of bitcoin and gold working together—rather than against each other—in a portfolio.
    7. Trends with Benefits Podcast #47: Bitcoin’s Growing Popularity with Institutions, featuring Dan Tapiero, Manager Partner and CEO of 10T Holdings and Co-founder of Gold Bullion International
      To shed light on why investment teams are considering bitcoin, we brought in someone who has actually convinced an institution to purchase bitcoin, as Jan felt his insight was “best on the topic.” Dan shares his views on bitcoin’s function within the digital asset ecosystem, why investment teams have become more comfortable with including bitcoin in their portfolios, its effect on the market and the outlook for government regulation.
    8. Bitcoin Mining and ESG Presentation
      The environmental impact of mining bitcoin has become a growing area of concern for those considering digital assets. This presentation was used in a webinar we hosted with Gabor and Jason Les, CEO of Riot Blockchain, where they addressed myths and questions surrounding the environmental effects associated with mining bitcoin. Interesting points from this presentation touch on bitcoin miners’ current use of renewable energy resources, energy consumption data and how it can be misleading, and the potential for bitcoin to act as a storage solution for excess renewable energy.
    9. Trends with Benefits Podcast #52: How to Trade Bitcoin, featuring Ari Paul, CIO of BlockTower Capital
      Ed and Ari discuss the technology behind bitcoin, the logistics in trading platforms as well as what individual and institutional investors should look for in these platforms. While cryptocurrencies cannot currently be traded within traditional brokerage accounts, Ari expects this to change over the next five to ten years.
    10. The DeFi Threat to Wall Street, by Matthew Sigel, Head of Digital Assets Research
      With bitcoin’s recent downturn, investors are concerned as to whether we might experience another “crypto winter” as last seen in 2018, and what this could mean for the outlook of the bitcoin market. Despite the volatility and uncertainties around this asset class, Matthew identifies ways in which the maturing decentralized finance ecosystem is becoming a possible competitor to legacy financial intermediaries such as SWIFT, ACH and global investment banks.

    We strive to deliver timely insight on current market trends and will continue to add educational resources as circumstances around bitcoin develop.

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