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  • Trends with Benefits

    Trends with Benefits #53: Women Making an Impact in Finance with Sue van der Linden

    Ed Lopez, Head of ETF Product
    May 12, 2021

    I will admit I was nervous going into this discussion. As a man, I don’t think that I’m particularly qualified to moderate a discussion on the topic of females in finance. It’s nonetheless an important discussion for anyone who values diversity of opinion and perspective on their teams. If for no other reason, it’s helpful to stop and think a moment about the unconscious biases we all have and consider if there are actions we can take to ensure we’re building the teams and communities we value.

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    Sue is a strong advocate for females in finance and in March of 2021 she was named to the MAKERS class of 2021 - a project dedicated to identifying and celebrating women of accomplishment across multiple fields along with the men who sponsor and champion women’s achievement. Our discussion ranges from her background and start in financial services, building a practice, how to encourage more young women to enter the field of finance and what men can do to help women in business.

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    Listen for Sue’s take on DINKs, men’s makeup, adult kids living with their parents and lab grown meat.

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    Ed Lopez
    Head of ETF Product

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