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VanEck Social Sentiment ETF

Fundamentals as of 12/31/22

  • Weighted Average Market Cap

  • Price/Earnings Ratio
    (Last 12 Months)*

  • Price/Book Ratio
    (Last 12 Months)*

*A weighted harmonic average is used to calculate this metric. Price/Book Ratio is the price of a security divided by the book value per share of the security. Price/Earnings Ratio is the price of a security divided by the last twelve months earnings per share of the security.

Market Cap (% of Net Assets) as of 12/31/22

  • Large (>$5.0B)

  • Mid ($1.0 - $5.0B)

  • Small (<$1.0B)

This breakdown represents what percentage of the ETF's assets represent large/mid/small-sized companies. The market capitalization of an individual, publicly traded company is calculated by multiplying the company's stock price by the total number of its shares outstanding.

3-YR Risk Measures as of 12/31/22

  • Beta vs. S&P 500 Index

  • Correlation vs. S&P 500 Index

  • Volatility (Standard Deviation)

  • Sharpe Ratio


Source: VanEck, Morningstar.

Beta is a measure of sensitivity to market movements. Correlation measures the extent of linear association between the ETF performance and the index performance. Volatility is the annualized standard deviation of the ETF's monthly returns. Sharpe ratio measures risk-adjusted return, and represents the ETF's return less the risk free rate divided by the standard deviation. See S&P 500 Index definition.5

Asset Class (% of Net Assets) as of 01/27/23

  • Stocks

  • Bonds

  • Other

  • Cash


Currency Exposure (%) as of 12/31/22

U.S. Dollar 99.95
Other/Cash 0.05

Country Weightings (%)
as of 12/31/22

Country % of Net Assets
United States 97.36
Canada 1.79
Brazil 0.81
Other/Cash 0.05

Sector Weightings (%)
as of 12/31/22

Sector % of Net Assets
Information Technology 28.81
Consumer Discretionary 20.95
Communication Services 20.10
Financials 11.32
Industrials 6.17
Health Care 5.04
Energy 4.47
Consumer Staples 3.09
Other/Cash 0.05

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