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VanEck NDR Managed Allocation Fund (NDRMX) (the "Fund") was developed by VanEck in partnership with Ned Davis Research (NDR), one of the world's leading researchers of the indicators that drive financial markets. It tactically adjusts its asset class exposures each month across global stocks, U.S. fixed income, and cash with the flexibility to adapt to market conditions.

Utilizing an objective, data-driven process based on macroeconomic, fundamental, and technical indicators developed by NDR, the Fund invests based on the weight-of-the-evidence of its objective indicators, removing human emotion and decision making from the investment process.

Fund allocations as of October 3, 2018

The neutral position, which is provided by Ned Davis Research, Inc., represents the starting point of the VE NDR Model absent an alternative recommendation once the model takes into considerations the indicators that yield the global tactical allocation model. These are not recommendations to buy or sell any security.

Visit the VanEck NDR Managed Allocation Fund's (NDRMX) page for more information, including the most recent Fund performance.



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Fund Details

Inception Date 05/11/2016
Benchmark 60% MSCI ACWI/40% Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate
Morningstar Category Tactical Allocation
Distribution Frequency Annual
Expense Ratios
Class Gross Net
A 2.33% 1.39%
I 2.03% 1.09%
Y 1.99% 1.14%

Expenses are capped contractually until 05/01/19 at 1.15% for Class A, 0.85% for Class I, 0.90% for Class Y. Caps exclude certain expenses, such as interest.