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Horizon Kinetics’ Approach to Spin-Off Research

History of Spin-Off Research

RYAN CASEY: Spin-offs have been at the core of what we've been doing at Horizon Kinetics since the firm was founded in the mid-1990s. We did a significant white paper on spin-offs in 1996, researching the space and these types of transactions, and we also have researched all these individual transactions over the last 20 years. Spin-offs are something that we like to call a predictive attribute, meaning a characteristic of a company that we believe speaks to its propensity to outperform the market over the long term. That's in contradistinction to a descriptive attribute, meaning how big a company is based on market cap or the sector in which it operates, all of which may describe what the company is and what it does and where it's located, but don't necessarily speak to its ability to outperform the market over the long term.

Horizon Kinetics Global Spin-Off Index (GSPIN) Methodology

CASEY: We want to ensure that the companies that we're adding to the Index have a sufficient amount of independence to go out and pursue their own business strategies and right-size their expense structures and so forth. We define that as at least an 80% distribution of shares to the parent company shareholders. We want to see transactions that are pure spin-offs, entailing no price discovery element and no capital being raised for the parent company through the distribution of stock. We look for companies of $500 million market cap or more and with average daily liquidity of at least $500,000. Geographically we're looking for companies that are located either in the U.S., Western Europe, or developed Asia.

Considering International Companies

SALVATOR TIANO: On average over the past twelve years, international spin-offs in developed Europe and developed Asia have comprised approximately 30% to 40% of global spin-offs. Currently that number is lower, closer to 20%, mainly due to the elevated spin-off activity in the U.S. since late 2013 and 2014. Adding international spin-offs to a portfolio of U.S. spin-offs may provide valuable diversification. Some investors consider international diversification as the only real diversification, not just by sector or market cap, but rather by country as certain countries may experience bad economic environments, whereas others may be growing rapidly during the same time. In addition to that, the activity and the volume of spin-offs can differ from time to time and by country. Currently you may see lower spin-off activity in the international space while we see a record amount of spin-offs in the U.S. A few years from now, we may, for example, experience higher spin-off activity internationally, making up for lower spin-off activity domestically.

Index Design: Capturing the Full Spin-Off Cycle

CASEY: The holding period of our Index is five years, starting with the first quarter after a company is separated. We add them right away because we have found, based on our research, that the first year of life as an independent company has, on average, been the best year for a spun off company. We hold it for the following five years because we see a long-term fundamental improvement story that plays out over at least five years, and we also want exposures in years three, four, and five to get whatever premium may come from M&A activity.

Index Review Schedule and Weighting Scheme

CASEY: The Index is rebalanced quarterly and it's also equal weight, which is actually an important characteristic in our opinion because it gives equal weighting to smaller companies, which we believe are more likely to go through those early price inefficiencies and buying opportunities of a spin-off. Larger cap spin-offs may be more followed, more understood, less likely to be kicked out of an index, and may offer less opportunity early on to buy at a particularly attractive price. However, the smaller cap names usually go under the radar and may offer some very attractive opportunities.

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