Van Eck Global - Since 1955

Of Ties and Totes

  • Each year Van Eck Global tries to do its share to inject some fun into the holiday season by designing a tie and tote that depicts what we consider an important macro trend.  These trends are what create the potential investment opportunities or present the risks that we discuss with our clients throughout the year.

    Our most recent tie is a play on words: is it Koala-T or Quality? And for 2013 yearend, we created the "Janet Yellen" tie and tote.  We hope that it, like its predecessors, is self explanatory.



    Interest in our ties and totes has grown over the years. They have elicited comments from reporters, and business and social media. They have received positive comments from various notables including a Professor of Economics and Business at a leading graduate business school.

    We are always looking for new ideas. If you think you have one, please send it to Jan van Eck, our CEO. If we use it, we will give you full credit and our heartfelt thanks.

    We at Van Eck Global wish you the best for 2014.