Van Eck Global - Since 1955

Of Ties and Totes

  • We embrace the success and whimsy of vineyard vines and its motto “every day should feel this good.” It’s fitting, given that the tale of entrepreneurs Shep and Ian Murray is not too far afield from the foundings of Van Eck Global. But having the daily responsibility of managing other peoples’ hard-earned capital is some serious business. It is not so easy for us to kick back, tickle that pink whale, or escape on a motorboat to feel the salty sea spray. 

    In the spirit of lightening our clients’ year-end load, we try to inject some fun into the holiday season. Our signature vv silk tie and carrying tote depict what we consider to be an important macro investment trend or news. These are themes we discuss with our clients throughout the year, and past ties have featured Janet Yellen, Mario Draghi and Ben Bernanke, Helicopter Ben (Bernanke)...



    Interest in our ties and totes has grown over the years, and elicited comments from reporters, and business and social media. We are especially proud that the WSJ took notice of our sartorial folly.

    Always on the lookout for new ideas, please send them to Jan van Eck, our CEO. 

    We at Van Eck Global wish you the best for 2014.