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    InvestmentNews: Muni Bond Fund Rebound Appears to Have Legs

    3/13/14: InvestmentNews’ Carol O’Donnell suggests that municipal bonds may be worthwhile for investors to examine despite poor performance during 2013. According to James Colby, municipal bond supply is normalizing and “The question is whether demand is healthy enough to absorb these additional sales without a drop in price.”

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    The WSJ: Detroit Rattles Muni Market

    8/07/13: In light of Detroit’s recent default, The Wall Street Journal considers the wider implications of replacing older bonds with new ones that have different terms, as the city’s emergency manager suggests doing. James Colby opines, “You really break the foundation of debt markets if municipalities can freely restructure their obligations.”

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    ETF Trends: Sell-Off in Municipal Bond ETFs May be Overdone

    6/18/13: Tom Lydon considers the shift some investors have made away from municipal bond ETFs due to anxiety about higher interest rates. It may be an “overreaction,” he writes. Lydon suggests investing in SMB and consults James Colby, who contends that “muni bonds offer attractive taxable equivalent yields.”

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    WSJ: Should You Buy Taxable Muni Bonds?

    06/05/13: According to The Wall Street Journal, institutional investors and mutual funds that can’t capitalize on tax breaks are buying taxable munis, but MV’s James Colby says, “I don’t doubt for a moment that some of these bonds are finding their way into individual accounts.”

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Intermediate Municipal Index ETF ITM

  • Full Name: Market Vectors®
    Intermediate Municipal Index ETF (ITM®)

    Management Style: Sampling

    Underlying Index: The Barclays AMT-Free Intermediate Continuous Municipal Index (LMT2TR)

    Index Description: LMT2TR is a market value weighted index designed to replicate the price movements of medium-duration bonds with a nominal maturity of 6-17 years.


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      NYSE Arca
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    as of 04/24/14

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    • Preliminary NAIC Designation7

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