Trends with Benefits #108: Alternative Investment Allocation with Joe Taiber

24 October 2023

Listen Time 34:52

Understand the different types of alternative investments and how to approach them in a portfolio in the context of the broader economy.

This episode is all about alternative investments as I am joined by Joe Taiber, Founder and CEO of Taiko, an independent investment consulting firm. We discuss various alternative investments, including private credit, hedge funds, and real estate. Additionally, we cover what makes these attractive given the current market environment and what factors to consider when allocating to these in a portfolio, such as liquidity needs and risk appetite. Lastly, Joe shares his economic outlook and his take on interest rates.

Show Notes:

01:57 Overview of Taiko

06:00 Upcoming investment trends

09:58 Private credit

11:03 Headwinds for funding for alternatives

14:36 Hedge funds

18:08 Areas in alternatives

20:10 Real estate

21:22 Approaching asset allocation to alternatives

25:48 Broad economic outlook and interest rates

31:11 Long-term trend

33:00 Trend or fad

Trend or Fad

Listen for Joe’s views on hybrid work, buying T-bills, crypto, electric vehicles, and artificial intelligence.

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