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Space ETF
VanEck Space Innovators UCITS ETF | JEDI

Space ETF
VanEck Space Innovators UCITS ETF | JEDI

  • NAV

    as of 30 Nov 2023

    as of 30 Nov 2023
  • Total Net Assets
    $6.5 million

    as of 30 Nov 2023
  • Total Expense Ratio
  • Inception Date
    24 Jun 2022
  • SFDR Classification
    Article 8


Fund Description

A technology shift is shrinking the cost of reaching the stars. VanEck’s Space ETF tracks the share prices of the innovative companies shaping tomorrow’s commercial space age and disrupting established operators.

  • Invest in companies at the forefront of the revolution that’s transforming access to space
  • Gain diversified exposure to satellite equipment, communication solutions, exploration, and space travel and tourism
  • Access companies with the potential of earning half their revenues from space-related industries
  • Avoid companies that violate UN Global Compact Principles, derive revenues from controversial weapons, or participate in fossil fuel sectors, nuclear power, civilian firearms or tobacco

Risk Factors: Equity market risk, industry or sector concentration risk, risk of investing in smaller companies. Please refer to the


and the Prospectus for other important information before investing.

Underlying Index

MVIS® Global Space Industry ESG Index (MVSPCTR)





Important Information

Capital Requirements Report (CRR) Download
GroMiKV Report Download
VAG Report Download

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