Moat ETF

  • Invest in companies with sustainable competitive advantages trading at attractive valuations with our Moat ETF
  • Strategy with proven track record of outperformance
  • Rule-based stock selection, based on long-term perspectives and attractive valuations
  • Can be the core of a US or global equity allocation

Risk: You may lose money up to the total loss of your investment due to Equity Market Risk and Industry Concentration Risk as described in the Main Risk Factors, KID (MOAT/GOAT) and prospectus.

Why Invest in a Moat ETF?

The Fund is based on a simple concept: Invest in companies with sustainable competitive advantages trading at attractive valuations. Over time, these companies seem well positioned to generate superior returns than the broader market. Morningstar’s forward-looking equity research turns the moat philosophy into an actionable investment strategy. This strategy is accessible through two ETFs from VanEck. 

Risk of a Moat ETF: Investors should consider risks before investing. See dedicated risk factors section on this website.

Sources of Economic Moats found in our Moat ETFs

Economic moats are sustainable competitive advantages that are expected to allow companies to fend off competition and sustain profitability into the future. Morningstar has identified five sources of economic moats, reflected in this Fund.

The Philosophy Behind the Strategy

The moat investing philosophy, powered by Morningstar’s equity research, brings together its Economic Moat Rating and its forward-looking Fair Value Estimate. The combination of these two elements drives the choice of the companies included in the VanEck's Moat ETF.


Proven Long-Term Outperformance of Moat ETF

Global Exposure

Applying Morningstar’s moat investing philosophy to global companies has historically generated excess returns relative to the broad global equity markets. Strong stock selection has been a primary driver of excess returns since 2018 for this long-term, core investment strategy.

Source: Morningstar. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Index performance is not representative of fund performance. Investors cannot invest directly in the Index. The Morningstar Global Wide Moat Focus Index was launched on 23 April 2018. Prior periods show simulated index data created from backtesting (“Simulated past performance”). Simulated past performance does not reflect a deduction for fees and expenses of the VanEck Morningstar Global Wide Moat UCITS ETF (“the Fund”) and is not indicative of future results.

Morningstar Analyst Team

Morningstar’s equity research team of more than 100 analysts covers over 1,500 companies globally. More than 200 asset managers and 75,000 financial advisors rely on Morningstar’s research. All of Morningstar’s equity analysts follow a single, consistent research methodology that has been rigorously applied to determine which companies to include in VanEck's Moat ETFs.

Fundamental Analysis

Analyst conducts company and industry research, which may include financial statement analysis, trade show visits, industry reports, site visits and conference calls.

Explore Our Moat ETFs

VanEck Morningstar US Sustainable Wide Moat UCITS ETF


  • Exposure: U.S. Moat Stocks
  • Sector agnostic strategy that identifies valuation opportunities across the market
  • Avoids concentration on few megacaps
  • ESG screening

Risk indication: 5 out of 7

Lower risk: Typically lower reward

Higher risk: Typically higher reward

VanEck Morningstar Global Wide Moat UCITS ETF


  • Exposure: Global Moat Stocks
  • Rules-based picks across global markets, based on valuation opportunities
  • Includes both developed and emerging markets

Risk indication: 4 out of 7

Lower risk: Typically lower reward

Higher risk: Typically higher reward

Main Risk Factors of a Moat ETF


The value of the securities held by a Moat ETF may fall suddenly and unpredictably due to general market and economic conditions in markets in which issuers or securities held by the funds are active.

For more information on risks, please see the “Risk Factors” section of the relevant Fund’s prospectus, available on

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