• Be an active part of the shift towards a more sustainable and greener economy
  • Investment strategies compliant with ESG factors and UN global principles1
  • VanEck offers different ESG ETFs:
    • Sustainable World Equal Weight UCITS ETF
    • Hydrogen Economy UCITS ETF
    • Sustainable Future of Food UCITS ETF
  • Trend supported by European and global governments
  • Relatively low costs

Risk: You may lose money up to the total loss of your investment due to the Main Risk Factors such as equity market risk, industry or sector concentration risk and limited diversification risk, which are described below and in the sales prospectus.

120 years ago UN has launched a set of principles to help contributing to a better world. More than 12.000 companies in more than 160 countries have adhered. These principles concern areas like environment, work, human rights and corruption.

Why Invest in an ESG ETF?

It has never been more important than today to take an active role in the ongoing green transition. This aims to completely transform the high-carbon economy to a carbon-neutral one2.

2 Source: What is carbon neutrality and how can it be achieved by 2050? | News | European Parliament (

In December 2019, the European Commission presented the European Green Deal, its flagship plan that aims to make Europe’s economy carbon neutral by 2050.

VanEck Offers Different ESG ETFs to Invest in a Sustainable Manner

VanEck’s ESG ETFs Respect the Principles of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

Goal of Achieving Transparency

The SFDR was introduced by the European Commission in 2021 and sets out mandatory ESG disclosure obligations for asset managers and other market participants. The goal is to improve the transparency of sustainability risks and the impacts of investment processes and strategies. SFDR articles 8 and 9 signal the highest possible sustainability levels for financial products.

Article 8: Financial products that promote environmental or social characteristics.

Article 9: Financial products with sustainable investment objectives.

Our ESG ETFs have the Following SFDR Classifications

VanEck Sustainable World Equal Weight ETF: Article 8 SFDR

VanEck Hydrogen Economy ETF: Article 9 SFDR

VanEck Sustainable Future of Food ETF: Article 9 SFDR

VanEck Sustainable World Equal Weight UCITS ETF

ISIN: NL0010408704

  • Global diversification across 250 stocks
  • Extensive sustainability screening
  • 0.2% annual expense ratio
  • Equal weighted

Risk indication: 6 out of 7

Lower risk: Typically lower reward

Higher risk: Typically higher reward

VanEck Hydrogen Economy UCITS ETF


  • Pioneers of the hydrogen economy
  • Diversifies your risk across companies and sectors
  • Global investment universe
  • Low annual costs (0.55% all in)

Risk indication: 7 out of 7

Lower risk: Typically lower reward

Higher risk: Typically higher reward

VanEck Sustainable Future of Food UCITS ETF


  • Be an early investor in the food’s multi-decade transformation
  • Investing in a sustainable way
  • SFDR Article 9
  • Relatively low costs

Risk indication: 6 out of 7

Lower risk: Typically lower reward

Higher risk: Typically higher reward

Main Risk Factors


Liquidity risk exists when a particular financial instrument is difficult to purchase or sell. If the relevant market is illiquid, it may not be possible to initiate a transaction or liquidate a position at an advantageous or reasonable price, or at all.

For more information on risks, please see the “Risk Factors” section of the relevant Fund’s prospectus, available on

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*This only holds for VanEck’s European ETFs.