Smart Home ETF


  • Exposure to the developing smart home ecosystem 
  • Smart home ETF with an early mover advantage in an evolving market via Smart Home ETF
  • Opportunity to invest in the stocks behind a future tech megatrend
  • Active management, with quick response to changing opportunities

Risk: You may lose money up to the total loss of your investment due to Sector Concentration Risk and Limited Diversification Risk as described in the Main Risk Factors, KID and prospectus.

Smart Home ETF Presents the Opportunity to Profit from Early-Mover Advantages

The smart home evolution is starting to influence all areas of our daily lives, changing the way we shop, work, communicate and entertain. Already, a new and smart ecosystem is starting to develop around our homes with many opportunities to invest, and that is to say, Smart Home ETF we offer allows you to gain access to them.

The Smart Home Evolution is in Full Swing

The smart home evolution started long before the voice- or sensor-controlled products we see today. Technology has been changing our homes for more than 200 years; the smart home is just the next step in that evolution.

Whether it is work-from-home, virtual workouts, entertainment, delivery services, online shopping, or even telemedicine, many areas of life are increasingly being brought from the “outside” world into our homes. Below are the five steps in the home’s evolution, finishing with today’s smart home.

Powerful Trends Support the Smart Home Development

In its ultimate form, a smart home anticipates the needs of its residents. It empowers them to fine-tune their environment to their needs and activities (e.g. working, learning, entertaining, caring, shopping, etc.). Developments in the three areas of technology, consumer behavior and digital business models are supporting this evolution of the smart home, which is now accessible through VanEck's Smart Home ETF.

Smart home progressing via different developments

              Smart Home ETF reinforces the evolution of smart home

  1. Technology: As the function of the home changes, and the house caters to more of our needs, smart technologies (smart grids, communication networks, smart appliances such as smart speakers) support these changes.
  2. Adapted Behavior: As consumers spend more time living digitally, the way they spend their time and money changes. They work from home, participate in digital entertainment (streaming, gaming) and turn to digital services (such as telehealth).
  3. New Business Models: Increasingly, companies are offering smart home services, using business models backed by digital technology. Products are delivered to the doorstep as part of a (subscription) service within a broader smart home ecosystem.
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Explaining the Fund

The Fund enables you to access the innovative companies that are building tomorrow’s ecosystem. You gain exposure to companies at the forefront of new cycles of development. Broadly, there are six types of application built on top of a smart home infrastructure.


Smart Home Infrastructure

Think of infrastructure as the smart home’s central nervous system. Its smart grid connects equipment, appliances and furniture that collect data, communicate with us and act accordingly.

Stock examples: Crowdstrike, ADT, Deutsche Telekom

Note: It is not guaranteed that the stocks listed as examples are or will always be part of the portfolio.

Smart Home ETF is Active

As an active ETF, this Fund combines the best of both worlds: low costs and the dynamism of active management.

The fast changing smart home ecosystem is particularly suited to active management. As it moves through multiple cycles of development, new opportunities will continue to emerge.

VanEck Smart Home Active UCITS ETF


  • The only ETF of its kind in Europe
  • An actively managed Fund
  • Exposure to companies at the forefront of the Smart Home transformation
  • Smart Home ETF has a focus on highly liquid companies with a global scope
  • Total expense ratio of 0.85%
  • High quality – physical replication and no securities lending
Risk indication: 6 out of 7

Main Risk Factors of Smart Home ETF


The prices of the securities in Small Home ETF are subject to the risks associated with investing in the securities market, including general economic conditions and sudden and unpredictable drops in value. Thus, an investment in the Fund may lose money.

For more information on risks, please see the “Risk Factors” section of the relevant Fund’s prospectus, available on

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