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Healthcare ETFs

Invest in the future of Healthcare with VanEck

Discover VanEck’s Suite of Healthcare ETFs

From the long-term ageing of populations, through to the digitalization of the industry and the renowned importance of healthcare for national security, there are many reasons to consider an investment in this rapidly growing sector.

Drivers of the Healthcare Sector

Companies active in healthcare could benefit from multiple structural trends that will shape our societies for decades to come. In particular, since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic the public’s attention and governments’ policies have focused on this critical sector. One way for investors to access its growth potential is through the Healthcare ETFs by VanEck. There are also risks which should be closely monitored by investors: from regulatory risks to those of investing in smaller companies.

The Expected Growth of the Sector as an Argument for Healthcare ETFs

Revenues in the healthcare sector are expected to increase at a rapid pace. By investing in diversified portfolios of stocks, VanEck's Healthcare ETFs can help to harness this potential growth for investment gains without needing to pick single stocks, which could result in excessive risks.

Global Revenues Forecasted in the Healthcare Sector, $bn

Source: Statista.

Projections for the overall healthcare sector do not necessarily apply also to the listed healthcare segment.

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