Trends with Benefits #113: Goals-Based Asset Allocation with Jack Ablin

06 February 2024

Listen Time 34:39 MIN

Jack Ablin discusses goals-based investing, volatility in bond markets, the U.S. fiscal situation, and tax loss harvesting.

In this episode, I am joined by Jack Ablin, Chief Investment Officer and Founding Partner at Cresset Capital. Jack explains how Cresset focuses on goals-based investing, including meeting clients’ tangible goals like cash flow as well as their intangible ones, such as charitable impact or entrepreneurial ambitions. He reflects on how the narrowness of the market surprised him in 2023 and shares his outlook for 2024, which he expects to be a favorable environment for bonds and equities, but not commodities. We discuss the U.S. fiscal situation and how this affects investors’ planning.

Show Notes:

00:54 About Cresset Capital

04:08 Market surprises in 2023

06:09 Volatility in bond markets

06:59 Absolute returns in 2023

17:08 U.S. fiscal situation

20:10 Tax loss harvesting strategies

23:20 Outlook for 2024

25:23 Long-term trend

29:38 Trend or fad

Trend or Fad

Listen for Jack’s views on artificial intelligence, Bitcoin, India, centenarians, and sideburns.

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