Trends with Benefits #114: What’s Shaping the Asset Management Industry with Ben Johnson

22 February 2024

Listen Time 41:32 MIN

Ben Johnson covers the top trends in asset management.

What will happen to the mutual fund industry? How is technology changing asset management? This episode discusses trends in asset management with Ben Johnson, Head of Client Solutions, Asset Management, for Morningstar. We talk about the shift to more holistic financial planning, innovative fixed income opportunities, how ESG needs a rebrand, and how many retirees struggle to spend money.

Show Notes:

02:56 Ben’s background and experience at Morningstar

09:05 Data and the asset management industry

12:20 The new technology of ETFs

15:05 Life after mutual funds

18:33 The model portfolio business

24:17 Bonds are back

26:55 Innovative categories in fixed income

30:19 The future of ESG

33:05 Long-term trend

36:05 Trend or fad

Trend or Fad

Listen for Ben’s views on blockchain, artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, and return-to-office mandates.

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