Crypto ETF


  • Attain an exposure to the long-term growth potential of the blockchain economy.
  • Our Crypto ETF presents a diversified access to blockchain companies, including digital asset exchanges, miners and other infrastructure companies behind digital currencies and smarter forms of finance.
  • The Fund also gives an access to pure-play exposure to companies that have the potential of getting 50% of revenue from digital assets.

Risk: You may lose money up to the total loss of your investment due to the Main Risk Factors such as liquidity risk, limited diversification risk and risk of investing in smaller companies which are described below and in the sales prospectus.

Why Invest in a Crypto ETF?

Blockchain is driving the digital transformation of the global economy. As a digital decentralized ledger of transactions that is distributed across many computers, blockchain is changing the way people think about finance, from currencies to banking. VanEck's Crypto ETF provides a simple and effective way to invest in this disruptive technology.

Accelerating Growth in the Blockchain Economy

The valuations of publicly listed digital asset companies have grown significantly in recent years, driven by the rising number of users and revenues. This trend is projected to continue, as digital assets usage and implementation – including cryptocurrency and decentralized applications – is expected to increase.

Revenue and Market Cap of Publicly-Traded Digital Transformation Companies (2012 - 2021)

Source: VanEck, MarketVector as of 26/04/2021. Revenues and market cap reflect pure-play digital asset companies as defined by MarketVector and included in the composition of the MarketVector Global Digital Assets Equity Index on 26/04/2021. The Index was not live prior to 08/03/2021.

*For 2021, market cap valuations represented as of 21/04/2021. For 2021 revenues, VanEck applied a 19% growth rate to 2020 revenues to calculate a forward projection. 19% represents half of the annualized growth rate of revenues of pure-play companies from 2012-2020. Pure-play digital asset company: as determined by the index provider, companies which (i) generate at least 50% of its revenues from digital assets projects; (ii) generate at least 50% of its revenues from projects that, when developed, have the potential to generate at least 50% of their revenues from the digital assets industry; and/or (iii) have at least 50% of its assets invested in direct digital asset holdings or digital asset projects. See important disclosures and index descriptions at end.

Crypto ETF Offers Diversified Exposure across the Blockchain Ecosystem

Invest in Liquid, Innovative Companies Worldwide

Access opportunities from across the globe that are part of a still emerging blockchain universe.

Risk of a Crypto ETF: Investors should consider risks before investing. See dedicated Main Risk Factors section on this website.

VanEck Crypto and Blockchain Innovators UCITS ETF


  • Companies at the forefront of blockchain transformation
  • Global, diversified exposure to pure-play companies
  • Crypto ETF by VanEck is reviewed quarterly
  • 0.65% total expense ratio
Risk indication: 7 out of 7

Main Risk Factors of a Crypto ETF


Exists when a particular financial instrument is difficult to purchase or sell. If the relevant market is illiquid, it may not be possible to initiate a transaction or liquidate a position at an advantageous or reasonable price, or at all.

For more information on risks, please see the “Risk Factors” section of the relevant Fund’s prospectus, available on

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