• VanEck offers clients investment strategies in which we have a clear competitive advantage by virtue of sound investment process, experienced teams, and a history of success in hard-to-access markets. Our strategies include emerging markets equity and fixed income, natural resources and commodities, gold and precious metals, liquid alternatives, and a global range of index strategies delivered through our exchange traded funds.

    The Emerging Markets Fixed Income strategy seeks to identify undervalued opportunities through investments in emerging market debt securities issued in both hard and local currencies. The strategy was among the first to combine local and hard currency bonds in one unconstrained offering. We believe an unconstrained approach is important because idiosyncrasies exist, and country and currency selections are imperative. An unconstrained approach allows for tactical shifts based on market conditions. Our investment process is based on a proprietary approach to assess an issuer’s ability to meet its debt obligations, seeking to exploit mispricings.

    VanEck Vectors ETFs is currently among the largest providers of exchange traded funds (ETFs) in the U.S. and worldwide. VanEck Vectors ETFs empower investors to build better portfolios with access to compelling investment themes and strategies. Our ETFs span many global asset classes, and are built to be transparent, liquid, and pure-play reflections of target markets.

    The Gold and Precious Metals strategy seeks to uncover global mining opportunities by investing in companies that represent value opportunities, and/or that have growth potential through their ability to increase production capacity at a reasonable cost or make gold discoveries around the world. Our investment process combines a top-down macro approach and a bottom-up research approach, applied by an investment team with technical geology and mining backgrounds. Over the past decades, VanEck has built a vast network of connections within the gold mining industry and is recognized as an investment leader in this asset class.

    Emerging Markets Equity strategy seeks to uncover opportunities that exhibit "structural growth at a reasonable price" ("S GARP") through investment in emerging market securities across all market capitalizations. This means we seek companies transitioning from value to growth that are fueled by a structural shift in country, sector, or stock fundamentals, with prolonged, inherent growth that is neither opportunistic nor event catalyst dependent. We aim to focus on companies with strong and innovative management, robust business models, proven track records, high barriers to entry, and a positive attitude toward minority investors.

    Guided Allocation provides investment solutions that are engineered to be responsive. History has shown that allocating to the wrong asset classes at the wrong time can inhibit an investor’s long-term financial goals. Investors especially need help navigating market “extremes”, especially bear markets, given that damage to portfolio returns most often occurs during these negative periods. VanEck has designed a series of guided allocation strategies that have the ability to aggressively use cash in bear markets to protect against drawdowns, and that are also designed to meaningfully participate in bull markets.

    The Natural Resources strategy seeks to identify natural resources opportunities globally by investing in undervalued companies with growth potential, across all natural resources sub-sectors and market capitalizations. Our hard assets investment process combines a top-down macro approach and a bottom-up research approach, applied by the hard assets investment team who boast technical geology and mining backgrounds. The hard assets strategy began in 1994, and over the years VanEck has built a vast network of connections within the natural resources and commodities investment sector. We are recognized as an investment leader in the natural resources, hard assets asset class.

    In addition, VanEck offers a Commodity strategy that seeks to track the performance of the UBS Bloomberg Constant Maturity Commodity Total Return Index (the "CMCI"), a next-generation commodity index diversified across maturities, minimizing its exposure to the front end of the futures curves.1
    1UBS and Bloomberg own or exclusively license, solely or jointly as agreed between them all proprietary rights with respect to the CMCI Index.