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Crypto ETNs & ETFs

Join the Crypto Revolution and Invest in the Future of Money

Discover VanEck’s Suite of Crypto ETNs & ETFs

In recent years, the world of finance has experienced a significant transformation with the emergence of cryptocurrencies. VanEck Crypto ETNs offer investors exposure to major digital assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. By investing in our ETNs, investors can gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market without the hassle of purchasing and storing individual cryptocurrencies themselves. As one of the largest providers of passive crypto solutions in Europe, VanEck has a long-standing reputation for providing investors with high-quality investment products that are designed to meet their needs. VanEck’s crypto solutions are listed on major exchanges, making them easily accessible to a wide range of investors.
Crypto ETF

Invest in Crypto with VanEck’s Crypto ETNs

VanEck gives you exposure to Crypto without the hassle and risk of private keys and unverified exchanges. In summary, VanEck Crypto ETNs offer a number of significant advantages:

  • Crypto stored in state of the art cold storage
  • At Bank Frick & Co. AG, a custodian regulated under the “Law on Tokens and Trusted Technology Service Providers” (“Blockchain Act”)
  • Insurance (limited)

Every Euro invested into a crypto ETN by VanEck will be used to buy the underlying cryptocurrency

  • Fully collateralized by physically buying the underlying asset
  • No lending
  • No use of derivatives

Crypto ETNs can be bought/sold like a stock, which brings the following advantages

  • Central clearing reduces counterparty risk in settlement of transactions
  • Transparency of issuer and investor documents
  • Indicative net asset values (without excessive premiums or discounts)
  • Sponsors/market makers enhance trading liquidity
  • No need for private keys or to store digital assets on a wallet
  • Can be integrated into your investment portfolio
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum ETNs available at 1% annual all-in fees, making it one of the least expensive products of all Crypto-backed products
  • Crypto Leaders ETN and Smart Contract Leaders ETN, offering a well-diversified basket of cryptocurrencies through a single product for only a 1.5% annual fee
  • All other crypto ETNs available for a 1.5% annual fee

Main Risk Factors of Crypto ETNs

As with any new technology, crypto comes with significant risks that should be taking into account when investing in cryptocurrencies through our ETNs. Despite the significant upside potential, we identified the following risks: