Trends with Benefits #111: Creating Shareholder Value Amid India’s Digitization with Vellayan Subbiah

09 January 2024

Listen Time 24:22 MIN

Learn from Vellayan Subbiah about running a successful business in India and how digitization and policy changes are impacting the business climate.

Would you travel for 50 hours in a truck to better understand your customer? Vellayan Subbiah, Chairman of Cholamandalam Finance, did just that to experience a day in the life of a worker on one of his customer’s trucks. Vellayan talks about the success of Chola Finance, which he attributes to a combination of technology and underwriting models from the West and on-ground execution. We discuss his philosophy toward shareholders and how the digitization of India is increasing efficiency in his business and the country overall. Vellayan explains the development of private equity in India and how he views India’s commitment to sustainability as a long-term trend.

Show Notes:

02:00 Vellayan’s day in the life of a customer

04:43 About Cholamandalam Finance

10:25 Philosophy toward shareholders

11:35 Policy changes in India

16:44 Private markets

20:44 Long-term trend

22:45 Trend or Fad

Trend or Fad

Listen for Vellayan’s take on electric vehicles, ChatGPT, cryptocurrency, and space tourism.

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