Trends with Benefits #117: Estate Planning with Anne Rhodes

16 April 2024

Listen Time 34:07 MIN

Anne Rhodes discusses estate planning, addresses common obstacles, and highlights why having some plan in place is better than nothing.

Anne Rhodes, Chief Legal Officer of, joins this episode to prepare you for estate planning. She shares the biggest misconceptions when it comes to estate planning, the differences between trusts and wills, the impact of the great wealth transfer, and takeaways for those in the “sandwich generation.”

Show Notes:

01:59 Anne’s podcasting experience

05:00 Biggest misconceptions of estate planning

10:49 Trusts

12:49 Limitations to a trust

18:17 How the great wealth transfer impacts estate planning

19:26 Takeaways for the sandwich generation

25:37 Long-term trend

29:40 Trend or Fad

Trend or Fad

Listen for Anne’s take on artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, centenarians, personalized pet nutrition, luxury senior living, and concierge doctors.

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