Trends with Benefits #116: Supporting Bitcoin Core Developers with Brink

19 March 2024

Listen Time 35:08 MIN

Learn about the technical side of Bitcoin, including the developers who maintain the network, how they do it, and how Brink supports them through grants and fellowships.

Following the SEC’s approval of spot bitcoin ETFs earlier this year, hear about the impact of this on Bitcoin development with Brink’s Mike Schmidt, Co-founder and Executive Director, and Jonathan Bier, Board Member. Brink is a nonprofit that supports Bitcoin developers and focuses on research and development to strengthen the Bitcoin protocol and network. We discuss the importance of developers in maintaining and improving Bitcoin software, the process behind changing the protocol, and bitcoin as a financial asset.

Show Notes:

01:50 Impact of bitcoin ETFs

05:02 How Mike and Jonathan got involved with Bitcoin

07:27 The establishment of Brink and what it does for the Bitcoin network

20:42 Brink’s top priorities

24:08 What’s next for Brink

26:30 Bitcoin as a financial asset

27:55 Long-term trend

31:02 Trend or fad

Trend or Fad

Listen for Mike and Jonathan’s take on Stanley cups, LinkedIn dating, Taylor Swift, and the carnivore diet.

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