Trends with Benefits #112: Geopolitics and Your Portfolio with Charles Myers

23 January 2024

Listen Time 45:19 MIN

As geopolitical risks escalate, investors should be aware of the potential financial implications of these events.

Before the invasion of Ukraine, the past 40 years experienced an unprecedented combination of no war and global monetary and fiscal expansion. However, those days are over. Charles Myers, Chairman and Founder of Signum Global Advisors, joins this episode to dive into geopolitical events and their impact on the global economy and markets. We discuss why there’s been a recent uptick in geopolitical risks and the opportunities investors should be looking at given this environment. Charles explains why China is facing economic decline and the implications of U.S.-China tensions and the Israel-Gaza war. Lastly, we narrow in on the U.S. economy, covering the Magnificent 7 stocks, commercial real estate, and how outcomes of the 2024 election may affect investors.

Show Notes:

02:38 About Signum Global Advisors

03:30 Increase in geopolitical risks

05:47 How to invest now

07:46 U.S.-China tensions

11:32 Structural problems in China

17:02 The invasion of Ukraine

20:15 Israel-Gaza conflict

23:42 Asset class opportunities

25:16 Commodities

29:20 Interest rate targets

30:58 The biggest challenge with commercial real estate

32:12 The energy transition

33:33 What else investors should know

34:33 2024 election

36:43 Long-term trend

39:33 Trend or Fad

Trend or Fad

Listen for Charles’ view on p(doom), the creator economy, India, and Bitcoin.

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