Trends with Benefits #99: Brush Up on Brazilian Investment Markets with Caue Mancanares

09 May 2023

Listen Time 32:26 MIN

Learn about the growth of Brazilian investment markets, including the impact of legislation on the current business climate and widespread crypto adoption.

Interest rates at 13.75%? Governmental support of crypto markets? These are some of the unique features of the Brazilian economy. On this episode of Trends with Benefits, I meet with Caue Mancanares, CEO of Investo. Investo is the first independent investment manager in Brazil that focuses on ETFs. Caue explains the impact of the new Lula administration on Brazil’s business climate and what this means for foreign investment. Additionally, we talk about the country’s widespread crypto adoption, including its regulatory framework and how crypto is breaking barriers in emerging markets.

Show Notes:

01:48 The State of Brazilian Investment Markets

04:13 Economic Development in Brazil

11:40 Have Interest Rates Peaked?

13:30 Large and Small Caps

16:32 Impact of the New Administration

22:00 Crypto Adoption

28:20 Long-term Trend

29:35 Trend or Fad

Trend or Fad

Listen for Caue’s take on de-dollarization, dynamic pricing, online platforms for private investments, and hybrid work weeks.

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