• VanEck’s Guided Allocation Suite
  • Navigate Market Storms

    The difficulty of predicting market cycles highlights the importance of preparation. This means positioning portfolios to help protect assets in bear markets while also being ready to participate when markets again turn favorable. VanEck’s Guided Allocation Suite is designed to participate meaningfully in bull markets and seek to de-risk in bear markets by minimizing the impact of market downturns.

    Larger Gains Are Required to Recover from Losses

    Source: VanEck. The figures above were achieved by means of a mathematical formula and do not reflect results of any one investment.

    VanEck's Guided Allocation Suite

    Continuing our pursuit of forward-looking strategies, VanEck identified a need for asset allocation strategies with the flexibility to adapt across market conditions, offsetting a potential drawback inherent with strategic, buy-and-hold investments. While there are some differences, VanEck’s Guided Allocation Suite share common attributes including:

    • Objective, rules-based approaches to make tactical asset allocation decisions
    • Ability to aggressively allocate to cash in times of market stress
    • Use of liquid, cost-effective ETFs for broad, efficient exposures

    VanEck Vectors Real Asset Allocation ETF (RAAX)

    Comprehensive exposure across commodities, natural resource equities, REITs, MLPs, and infrastructure

    VanEck NDR Managed Allocation Fund (NDRMX)

    Core asset allocation across global stocks and U.S. fixed income using Ned Davis Research (NDR) indicators

    VanEck Vectors NDR CMG Long/Flat Allocation ETF (LFEQ)

    Tactical exposure to U.S. equity with trade signals triggered by technical indicators

    Helping Investors with the Crucial In or Out Decision

    Portfolio Manager David Schassler discusses the philosophy underlying VanEck’s Guided Allocation Suite and how it approaches the question of when to be invested in the market and when not to be based on existing market conditions.