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Gold Investing

Monthly gold market and economic insights from Imaru Casanova, Portfolio Manager, and Joe Foster, Gold Strategist, featuring their unique views on mining and gold’s portfolio benefits.


VanEck has provided investors access to gold for over 50 years. Learn more about the portfolio benefits of gold investing.
In a recent Q&A with Barron’s, VanEck’s Ima Casanova discusses gold’s unorthodox rally and why she’s bullish on gold and mining stocks.
This Q&A explores ESG initiatives within the gold industry and how these factors are incorporated into our investment approach.


Frequently Asked Questions

VanEck® Merk® Gold Trust allows investors to redeem their shares for physical gold. Learn more in this Q&A.
VanEck has long been a leader in gold investing. In this Q&A, we answer questions about our approach to investing in gold miners.
Gold mining stocks are one way for investors to gain exposure to gold. We take a closer look at the key considerations around this approach.